Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Discovering the Solitary Sumilon Island

"If I ride on the wings of the dawn and settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand shall guide me and your right hand shall hold me safely."
Psalm 139:9

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

I was going on and on and on every five minutes with this phrase after an hour of sitting in the van. Kuya driver must've been so annoyed, but this Oslob,Cebu local just smiled at me and politely answers "Dalawang oras na lang po" (Just two more hours, sir). He answered as if sitting in a van for two more hours was just as easy as him smiling at me.

I am headed to a far flung island, south eastern coast of Cebu called Bluewater Sumilon Island.

Sumilon is a perfect island to get lost in many ways possible. No, this is not a Twilight Zone but an island that will continuously enchant you with its natural and unspoiled beauty.

Getting to Sumilon will definitely test your patience. It was a 3 hour drive from Mactan to Oslob. Our driver made it as comfortable as he can. He would offer water from time to time, share stories about the town we're passing by and most important is, giving in to my whims and caprice.

Boljoon Church.
This 18th century church is the oldest remaining stone church in Cebu hence it was declared as a National Cultural Treasure by the National Museum in 2000.

Boljoon church is strategically facing the sea to help protect the town during the moro raids, the time when the church was built.

This church has 28 pillars with walls the same size as its pillars. An Augustian friar, Fr. Julian Bermejo, fortified the church to protect the town and its neighborhood from the Muslims.

"Ad Jesum Per Mariam"

An authentic Carcar chicharon is one of my requests to Kuya driver. I've read that Carcar chicharon is like no other chicharon -  pork skin deep fried, dried, and deep fried again.

Puerto Sumilon - Finally! It was the first word I said when Kuya driver told me that we're already here at the dock. It is the end of a long drive but a new start for a 15 minute boat ride. Let's get it on!

Welcome to Bluewater Sumilon Island! 
After more than 3 hours and 15 minutes of travel with stopovers due to my caprice which kuya driver gleefully obliged to, I am finally at destination. Pagkahabahaba man ng prusisyon, sa Sumilon pa rin ang tuloy ko! 

There are only 7 cottages on the island. All with 2 queen beds. Imagine just how big it is. The room seems outdated but it was kept tidy and besides, it's huge! The limited accommodation assured me that I will be on solitude.

An infinity pool and jacuzzi facing the sea and Cebu island would temp you to jump in every time you're at the pavilion.

The resort offers exquisite seafood and other dishes.

Shifting Sand Bar.
A glimpse of the last rays of sun for the day signals that I have to start gathering my things and start my way back to my cottages. Another day well spent. Or it may just be I am lucky to witness the solemnity of His Ascension.

As the night falls, darkness reigns, I begun to get lost in my solitude. Only my thoughts and prayers were my companion until the sun shines.

When you get tired of your thoughts and you already prayed to all saints you know of, you can try to enjoy the non-motorized activities offered by the resort. 

You can also give in to the tempting pool.

Aside from capturing the island's unspoiled beauty. I had a share of fun with these kayaks.

A natural lagoon on the island is a perfect spot to practice rowing with kayaks.

This is my salvation. This boat saved me from the longest drive of my life and believe it or not, my savior when my being screamed to go back to the city life.

A big chunk of the island is still untouched. Curiosity crept in so I took the island hike. It's an easy trail and there are directions along so I didn't get lost. Along the way, I saw the Yamashita cave with no gold inside *frown*, and the Grotto as well.

A glorious way to start any day! Get up close to live corals without scuba diving. 
Sumilon is truly enchanting.

God's greatest gift is dawn; it is a sign for us to start over.

Sumilon has bewitched me, truly, in many ways. Now I know why my patience has to be tested before I get intoxicated by this virgin beauty. As the sun goes down, I started to get lost in the darkness. My thoughts crept in and I started to get lost. Gods must be crazy! I silently screamed at myself as I saw the DVD on the shelf. I watched it with much gusto and laughter for the rest of the night.

As the movie ended, I turned off the lights, closed my eyes and clasped my hands together, I prayed - 

Dear Lord,

I have come to Sumilon to witness another of your divine creation. You are truly the almighty. Thank you for sharing this beautiful island to me.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful corals of the sea without scuba diving - I am still a thousand pesos or two richer.

Thank you for kuya driver, he was very accommodating and gave in to my requests - now I don't have to pay another P3,000 to get a tour of Carcar and Boljoon.

Thank you for the free kayak - I toned my biceps without paying an instructor at Crossfit Manila.

Thank you because the church collection is still a bit intact.

Most importantly, thank you for bringing me here. Thank you for I got lost in many ways on this island. I never feared a single second of getting lost. I know that with you guiding me through my prayers, I will find my way.


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  1. you are so inspired...keep in touch with God through the beauty of nature...and radiate it to all of us..wherever you are!!!