Saturday, July 2, 2011

Coron: Sheltering in its Turquoise Waters

"For water in break out in the wilderness and streams gush from the desert. The thirsty ground will become a pool, the arid land springs of water...grass will grow with reeds and rushes."
Isaiah 35:7

Four years ago, I was lucky to score a free plane ticket from a friend. It took me awhile to decide where I'm going. Upon discerning, I was pleased by my choice.

Armed with my mighty point and shoot camera, some God given talent and fund as well, I made my way to Coron, Busuanga, Palawan.

I strategically booked the first flight out of Manila. Not that I am excited, but because I want to maximize my stay. Time has passed and the captain signaled us to look out on our window to see the whole of Coron. I am so blessed.

I made my way to the arrival area and met up with the driver of the resort that I booked in. Back then, the road was rough from the airport to the town of Coron. Coming out of the van, I suddenly fell in love with Busuanga Island Paradise. I'd love to share some more photos of the place however my camera wouldn't permit me to do so - blame it on the memory card.

Jonera Hill, the resort's in-house hill. Yes, that how cool Busuanga Island Paradise is. One can opt to ride a bike or hike to get to the hill top. If you're lucky, you will see some of the native habitants of the hill (monkeys).

Who says you can only see chocolate hills in Bohol? Coron has those as well. However, on a rainy season, the hills are plush with greens.

Mt.Tapyas and the humongous cross on top of it. The cross is about more than 2,000 ft above sea level. I reached the top with the help of more than 700 steps. Good thing my knee was still doing well back then. Going back to the topic, this cross was a gift by Gov. Joel T. Reyes to his hometown.

Maquinit means "mainit" or hot. The water from this one-of-a-kind hot spring in Asia comes from an inactive volcano, Mt. Dalara.

Your Coron trip will not be complete without this having a photo opts on this famous scenic spot. After a slippery hike to reach Kayangan Lake, my guide pointed out that among all the scenic places in Coron, this is well photographed.

Ahhhhh finally, the Kayangan Lake. The cleanest lake in Asia is right in front of my eyes. This lake is taken very good care by the Tagbanuas - a native tribe. The Php 200 for each visit is well worth. This lake is also known as the Blue Lagoon.

By lunch time, we were all hungry. The boatman brought us to Banol Beach. Our guide prepared our packed lunch from the resort while I take a dip. After lunch, we took a quick nap and went about the rest of the tour.

The Twin Lagoon can be reached by swimming under the two rocks which is possible if it is low tide and the other is by climbing over the rocks. Lucky me, it was low tide and I will enter the Lagoon with a blast! Floating in the lagoon, you will understand why it is called Twin Lagoon. While at one part, you will feel the hot water and cold water on the other. One of the beautiful mysteries of God's creations.
Before disturbing the stillness of Barracuda Lake, I took my camera and capture the serenity of the place. On the way to this part of Coron, I suggest that you seat facing the front of the boat. It will be an amazing experience seeing the majestic limestone formations slowly unveiling itself while the stillness of water give you a dreamy calm feeling on this awesome place.

The guide also showed me the Siete Pecados, but we didn't stop by for a swim. However, on our stop in one of the ship wreck sites, the heaven was on my side. We chanced upon a baby whale shark (Butanding, in local term). The boatman and the guide told me that it was also their first time to see one around the waters of Coron. I was their lucky charm.

Even if I fear swimming in the lakes because of the Lochness idea clouding on my head, I still went in and enjoyed the water. It was a once in a lifetime experience, and besides by the beginning of this trip, I know that He was with me. So I shrugged off my fears and worries say the Apostle's Creed then dive.

If there would be a place that I will go back to again and again, it would be Coron.