Saturday, January 29, 2011

Storming Basco

"I lift up my eyes to the mountains - from where shall come my help? My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth."    
                                                                                                         Ps 121(120):1-2

To cap off my travel for 2010, I chose Batanes. It was what they say a photographer's paradise anyway so I made sure that the year will not end with out me checking it out. Yes, I am aware that I am not a photographer, but hey, are they the only ones allowed to capture Batanes?

So I set out to SEAIR bought a ticket to Batanes and off I go. To warn you though, you have to buy your ticket to Batanes way before your planned date of travel, in my case, I bought mine about 4 months before December.

Sunrise view from my window.

Finally cold December month came. When the plane arrived at Basco Airport, we were greeted by the people from Batanes Seaside Lodge and was brought to Hiro Cafe where we had our breakfast. After the meal, we went to our rooms and was instructed that our first tour will be around Basco at 1PM.

I was waken up by the driver knocking on my door, signaling me time for lunch. After having lunch at Hiro Cafe, we were divided into two groups for the tour. Then the fun begins, our group's guide was Tita, first destination was Radar Tukon. On the way, we saw a quaint chapel standing atop of a hill.

Tukon Chapel.
According to Tita, this was made by the Abad's and the ceiling inside were hand painted by the Ivatan artists.
The Hedges.
We were on the vicinity of the Radar Tukon when Tita told us to look on this side and see the hedge like dividers of the locals.

Fundacion Pacita.
On our way down from the Radar Tukon, I asked the driver to pull over because of this view. When I went back to the van, Tita told me it was Fundacion Pacita and it is our next destination.

Walk way leading to the front door of Fundacion Pacita.

One of the many veranda view.

A perfect contradiction to the greens around.

A window view from inside the Fundacion Pacita.
We went inside the lodge. I was so excited to capture what's inside, but as for me, there isn't really none. What was more captivating really was the location of the lodge.

And so i thought, this will be perfect spot for one's solitude while appreciating the beauty.

Semi Circular Bench.

Patriarch of the Abad family.

Unlike in Manila where cars are parked beside the road, in Basco, you will see boats are parked instead.

Valugan Boulder Beach.
'Nuff said. Its just so perfect and being there is priceless.

Vayang Rolling Hills.
It almost made me sing at the top of my lungs "the hills are alive with the sound of music....." The lush green hills are endless.

One of the places in Batanes where it proved to me that it is indeed the "Home of the Winds". The winds' so strong that it feels like your flying.

The Lighthouse.
Our next stop after the Rolling hills is most famous lighthouse in Naidi Hills.

I found my perfect model and she lives just beside the lighthouse.

An old lamp post on the lighthouse.
Our first day tour ended at the lighthouse. We went back to our lodge and called it a day.

Basco Cathedral.
One afternoon, we decided to rent a bike for a stroll around town. We were not able to visit the cathedral during our tour so we decided to look for it.

Tita bade us goodbye and said to be excited for the next day. Tomorrow, were going to Sabtang! But for now, I shall rest and savor the beauty of Batanes that I witnessed for today. It will be another day as a open my eyes tomorrow but I will still be in the "Wuthering Heights" - Batanes.

Dios Mamajes Batanes!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Waiver Post

"God saw all that he made, and it was very good."
                                                                                                         Genesis  1:31

First draft of the header.

Every place I’ve been, every photo I’ve taken, every people I met, every food that I taste, all of them remind me of His great mind that came up with all of these. So here I am now, starting to blog.

I'm afraid of heights, but I am not afraid to fly.  I was never a techie guy, but I fell in love with my Dell laptop as well as with my DSLR when it fell into my hands. I am no good in writing. I’m better in talking, but I decided I will try writing since I cannot anymore contain for myself the beauty of what He has created.

Ironic, isn’t it? But you’ve been warned though.

No, this is not a travel blog.

I will not give you tips on how to save for your travel or where to head out, what to eat or the what nots (or maybe I would then and now...hehe).

No, this is not a photo blog.

Neither will I teach you tricks on how you can make real good photos (trust me, I’m not the guy to spill about these).

What I’m doing here is just BRAGGING...err  I mean BLOGGING..... or rather SHARING the beauty that I saw, the joy that I felt just by being there and the appreciation to His creation.

I came to realize that each of my travel is unique. Never had I experience the same adventure in all my trips even if I go to the same place over and over again. Each one is still different, unique, peculiar, and exceptional. There are always some reasons to go back.

So here's what I’m going to do with this blog. I will tell you about the place I’ve been to,  let you see what I saw through my lens  and try to tell you my story about each place, maybe there could be more but I promise never less.

To start with I’d like to inform everyone that the words, facts and photos seen on this blog is of my own knowledge, my production and is MINE (unless otherwise cited and/or credited from another). Feel free to leave fraternal comment, and suggestions will be very much appreciated.